Seminar on GNSS patents and intellectual property rights

A free two-days IPR seminar on GNSS at the beautiful Lake Ammersee facing the Alps.
Location:       Herrsching, Hotel Seehof, Lake Ammersee
Time:             Mon., 18 July 2016, 9:30 h - 17:00 h to Tue., 19 July 2016, 9:30 h - 17:00 h.
Main target    Small & medium-sized enterprises in GNSS and other linked space applications
bavAIRia, as partner of e-KnoT, offers in co-operation with BHO Legal and supported by the European Patent Office (EPO), a seminar providing engineers and scientists working in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and the space sector insights into the scope and content of IPR protection along the value chain.
The seminar is run by eminent trainers from EPO and BHO Legal, namely by Ingolf Bode (BHO Legal), Ingo Baumann (BHO Legal), as well as by Koen Lievens (EPO). The first day of the seminar will address the different forms of IPR and how they can be protected. In the course of the second day of the seminar, the trainers will offer practical insight on IPR contractual provisions in EU grants and procurements, as well as in ESA projects.                                   
The seminar will be held in English. For the participants of the seminar, a limited contingent of rooms are blocked in the Hotel Seehof Herrsching.
For more details please find below the link to the website of the event, with the agenda as well as details on logistics and application/registration:

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