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February 24, 2017  midnight (CET)

The programme encourages students to perform summer internships on GNSS-related topics in companies operating in an EU country or in a country associated to H2020*.
Four students per year will receive a €2500 grant to encourage their mobility.

Companies interested to participate to the program by hosting an intern, are invited to submit a proposal.

For the companies this is an opportunity to:

  • Find a suitable intern with GNSS education,

  • Build relationships with GNSS-related education programmes and universities,

  • Potentially identify and train a future employee,

  • Be mentioned as a company participating to this programme on the e-KnoT website. 

(*) COUNTRIES ASSOCIATED TO H2020 - Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Moldova, Switzerland, Faroe Islands

How to apply

Fill in the internship proposal template and send it to Sara Bouterfas (see contact information). The link for the template is

Key Dates 

  • 24/02/2017: Deadline for submitting internship topics.
  • 17/03/2017: The selected internships and the proposed students are announced. Also students receiving the grant will be identified.
  • 17/03-07/04 2017: Companies go through their recruitment process to select students for their internship.
  • 07/04/2017: The companies inform Sara Bouterfas of the retained candidate for each internship proposal.

Contact Information



+33 5 62 17 42 76

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